The UF Cultural Alliance consists of the five large “culture clubs” of the black community at UF. These organizations are open to all students and are major ambassadors to their cultures at UF. For more information about each of these organizations, please contact them directly.


The African Student Union have founded this organization in 1972 to support and unite African students and to promote awareness of African issues and culture to all students and the Gainesville community. The purpose of this organization is three fold; to create and encourage relationships among African students at the University of Florida, the Gainesville community and other organizations, create and foster goodwill, friendship and understanding among African students on the campuses of higher institution of learning in Alachua County, and finally educate members and interested parties in Gainesville and the university community and elsewhere about African culture, traditions and issues affecting the well-being of the African continent.


The University of Florida Black Student Union strives to create, cultivate, and challenge the University of Florida campus and the Greater Gainesville community! Founded 10 short years after the university integrated, BSU was established in 1968.Today, BSU proudly serves hundreds of students on campus through quality programming, strong support systems, and inspiring initiatives. BSU holds bi-weekly general body meetings at 6pm for any Gator to attend. At the core of BSU is its students! This year BSU celebrates 45 years of Black Excellence on the University of Florida campus. Join us this year in creating a community, cultivating leaders, and challenging those leaders to go out and do the same!


The Caribbean Students Association (CaribSA), a special interest group, was founded in 1977 as a means to unite Caribbean students at the University of Florida. As a student run organization CaribSA strives to further the cultural exchange between Caribbean nationals and all other students at the University of Florida. The members of CaribSA represent nations throughout the entire Caribbean, Central and South America. Members include international students, permanent residents and US citizens, and as a result could fill different needs within multinational and national corporations.


For over 25 years, the Haitian Student Association at the University of Florida, also known as Club Creole, has been spreading awareness about the Haitian culture through diverse socio-cultural events. This year we plan on furthering that mission by bringing more emphasis on our beloved culture while retaining everything that makes Club Creole a sociable family. For our new members, Haitian or not, we would like to welcome you to the Club Creole family. It’s guaranteed that you will have a wonderful time being part of this excellent organization.


The Jamaican-American Student Association (JAMSA) at the University of Florida was established in the spring of 2004 with the goal of creating a networking and communication tool for students at UF with special emphasis on students of Jamaican ancestry.

“Out of many, one people” is Jamaica ’s national motto. The motto stands for the unique diversity, but unity in the islands many different cultures, religions and people. JAMSA members embody this unique motto. Our own motto, “Using cultural awareness to pave our path to success” speaks of our thirst for future success while acknowledging the labors and triumphs of our ancestors.