Initiatives and Events

A gathering to honor the legacy of Black Thursday and reflect on its impact.
A program series focused on engaging students with relevant topics impacting the Black community.
A week dedicated to bringing various resources to the Institute of Black Culture and the Black Enrichment Center to connect with students.
A celebratory dinner to recognize and celebrate the achievements of students involved with Black Affairs during the academic year.
PAACT (Pledging to Advance Academic Capacity Together) is a three-day program that focuses on the successful transition of incoming Black first-year students. The program’s emphasis is on academic success, community building, personal and professional development, and networking with peers, faculty, staff, and alumni. The goal of the PAACT program is to ensure that students arrive and thrive as they enter the University of Florida. Click here to learn more about PAACT.
The PAACT Experience is an extension of the PAACT orientation program. It is a student success initiative that provides ongoing programming and support for first year Black students at the University of Florida.

PAACT Experience includes:

  • PAACT Zones
  • Lunch & Mingle
  • VIP Gator Nights
  • Connect with the Pro’s
An initiative dedicated to creating community and leadership development for 2nd year students. Focuses on the development of leadership styles, goal setting, career exploration/internships.
A leadership experience that provides students an opportunity for team building, identity development, personal reflection, and mapping out resources that are necessary for their success.
An opportunity for second and third year students to experience the Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference hosted at Texas A&M University in the Spring semester. The Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference is a conference designed to assemble Black student leaders to develop their leadership skills and to address issues affecting the Black community. Click here to learn more about the Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference.
An opportunity for students to celebrate Black culture and history. Students will experience visiting cultural and historic sites in different cities across the US. Register for the DC tour here.
A program series that recognizes, celebrates and honors the narratives and experiences of Black University of Florida Alumni through connecting them with current students to share their journey.
A community networking event purposed to provide an opportunity for community building, networking, creating new connections and opportunities for collaboration among Black UF. We will also recognize and celebrate student achievement & milestones throughout the academic year.