“The Blueprint” is a 12-week enhancement program designed to aid African American males in various aspects of collegiate development. The program focuses on helping the young men achieve success in six identified areas: academics, peer/ professional etiquette, spiritual growth, physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The participants are required to attend weekly meetings/ workshops that address the identified areas. They are also required to do projects outside of weekly meetings to show evidence of applying and retaining information learned from the six areas of success. Each session is interactive and facilitated by different professionals. The participants will have the opportunity to interact with various professionals from the campus and local community at large. The incentive that drives their engagement in the program is a $1000 scholarship and the purchase of a business suit. The scholarship is awarded to the individual male who demonstrates the most significant development during the course of the program.

The ultimate goals are multi-faceted and encompass several components to ensure the success of the program and the students. The first goal is to garner self-efficacy for the young men and to help them assimilate effectively into the collegiate environment.  Secondly, is to connect the campus and various departments in the success of the students. And finally, to teach general skills necessary for professional success, i.e. time management, goal setting, financial preparedness, and general etiquette and language skills.


  • Transitioning to Manhood
  • Academics
  • Etiquette- Personal and Professional
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Dress
  • Language
  • Finances and Budget
  • Career Prep
  • Health