African and African-American studies

The Center for African Studies provides a host of courses for undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying Africa, engaging in community and university outreach and working in Africa. The Center has more that 100 affiliated staff throughout the university. The courses offered by the Center cover a wide variety of topics from a number of academic disciplines including linguistics, law, enviromnentalism, political science and engineering. The Center also provides a Master’s degree in Master of Sustainable Development Practice. For more information about The Center for African Studies at UF, please contact Associate Director Dr. Todd Leedy at 352-392-2183 or

The African American Studies Program is an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree program that explores the African-Ameircan experience in a transnational context. The courses provided by the program cover a range of academic disciplines including law, psychology, music, languages and education. The program also engages in a number of university outreach programs throught the academic year. For more information about hte African-American Studies program, please contact Director Dr. Sharon Austin at 352.273.3060 or